Did anyone ever tell you? Today is a very special day. Yes, right before Daylight Savings Time and the day that everyone is Irish (St. Patrick’s Day), there is a VIP holiday that I only learned about this year. Today is International Women’s Day (IWD) a global celebration honoring all of my adventureras out there. Yes, you my sisters, female travel peers, my mom, and all women around the world, you are the honored guests at this party.

So, play your Carole King, Gloria Gaynor, Kelly Clarkson, or your favorite female songbird and sing along. Call your girlfriends, buy your mother flowers, and get a girls trip planned over cocktails tonight for another day.

However, with all the fun, singing in the car, and getaways, don’t forget to do your part. Can you help another woman accomplish her goals? Do you have wisdom that you can share to other women along their paths? This year, I’m sharing my wisdom through an inspirational memoir, When All Balls Drop, due out in the fall.

Join me today and every day in supporting your mother, sisters, friends, female travel peers, and all women. We need to start spreading the word!