In my usual style, an aisle seat, I have taken out my laptop to reflect on my last seven days (see picture for view from my seat).  Since boarding, it has been a rather interesting flight with various infants, one yappy little dog, and everyone afraid of sneezing with the worries of Swine Flu. It is during this said “quiet time” (with headphones on) that I reflect on where I have been over the last seven days.

I crossed the country last week.  I left the West Coast leaving from San Diego, California with a pit stop in Atlanta, Georgia with arrival in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. After empting one suitcase of dirty clothes and repacking another, I then traveled by car for a Spring Roadtrip up I-95 through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and today just a smidgen of Connecticut. Yes, that is right seven days and eleven states.  I would have to say I did a 7-11.

During this week, I rode in a double-decker bus (Yes, like in London), four taxis, various planes ran by three distinct airlines, one car for over 1,800 miles, one bike, and by foot.  However, I was grateful that none of my travels had been my motor home, semi, or horseback; all I would consider rather unpleasant ways of travel. I did see a Segway along the journey that I wanted to try, but I passed.  I will keep it on my to do list.

I have said many times, “If the government had a GPS tracking system on me, they would think that I am doing something illegal.”  It is not a secret that they most likely already know my every location and move; and, if the government doesn’t know my every move or happens to lose my location, I have helped them by tweeting my travels.  My twitter name is MsTravelingPant (The character limit of Twitter is disappointing.).

Heading back home, where I hang up my laptop bag (I rarely wear hats), I am looking forward to warmer weather as San Diego was unseasonably cool as well as the Northeast was rather cool with rain showers bidding me farewell today.

My next adventure will be my third trip to Costa Rica. This, as my last year’s trip was, will be for business. Regardless, all travel whether for pleasure or work leads to stories, experiences, and learning.  I am hoping that my colleagues in Costa Rica make some VIP calls to make sure that the typical hot, humid weather is ready for me. Please no more unseasonable weather.  Maybe Ms. Traveling Pants can wear some shorts since it is already May.