Good day mates! My fifth installment in my Wanderlust List is none other than Australia. Although having had friends live, work, study, or honeymoon there, I have yet to tag along. What was I thinking to miss a chance to galavant through Australia?  Can I have a do-over?

Despite my regrets in missing previous opportunities, I think that in search of my next walkabout, the Land Down Under must be a part. As you may already know, the term walkabout is originally from the Aborigines of Australia. It is a rite of passages for males, but who is to say that a sassy, world traveler with Midwestern roots like myself can’t accomplish a said rite of passage from South Florida to Australia just as good as if not better than the Aboriginal men.

As you can see from the image I selected for this post, I had to satisfy my diving passion if only visually for the time being by selecting Australia. To be honest, who doesn’t dive and want to dive the Great Barrier Reef (shown in the picture)?

If you have traveled to Australia or are an Aussie, do share with me your experiences from Australia? Where have you been? Great Barrier ReefSydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Ayers Rock, or more.

Could Australia be the right place for my next walkabout? Please chime in with your stories, advice, to dos, and to don’ts on all and/or any of my Wanderlust List candidates. Could the Great Barrier Reef and diving Down Under be it? Or will it be one of my past (Peru,BaliGrand Canyon, New Zealand) or other?

If the destination chosen is Australia, I will need a dive buddy. Who’s diving with me? While you’re deciding, let me give you musical inspiration with “Down Under” by the Men at Work:


In closing, here’s to good times and good stories Down Under, over yonder, here or there, or anywhere!