Do you have Down Under on your bucket list? 

Regardless if you answered yes or no, you certainly should review my peer travel writer, Beth’s, advice on travel to Australia and the destinations not to miss. I’ve gone twice and plan on returning.

Take it away Beth!

There isn’t another country out there quite like Australia. The divine weather, the relaxed culture and fascinating natural beauty all make for quite the experience. For a lot of people though, a trip to this incredible nation isn’t cheap! Ideally, I’d tell you to see every last settlement. If that’s not practical, then at least see one of the highlights! Here are three of the best holiday destinations in Australia. (featured picture from Wikimedia)

First of all, Sydney. This is one of the most internationally famous cities in the country, and not without good reason! Whether you’re into the active bustle of cities or the lazy lifestyle of a beach bum, you’ll certainly be able to find it here. The world-famous Bondi beach is a great place for surfing, even if you’re a complete novice! If that’s not your thing, then head over to The Rocks district to find some incredible shopping outlets. There are a few tourist must-sees, like the opera house and the view from Harbour Bridge. If you’re planning on bringing the kids, then make sure you go to Taronga Park Zoo. You won’t be able to help melting when you see the koalas they keep there!

Sydney certainly offers a lot to see and do. For some travellers though, it might feel a little too touristy. If you know what I’m talking about, then perhaps Melbourne would be a better option for you. This is one of Australia’s more bohemian cities. The streets are brimming with venues, street performers, art exhibitions, and much more. The food in Melbourne is famous across the nation too. Whatever kind of cuisine you like; you’ll certainly be able to find it here. Every corner you turn shows you another bar or restaurant, which span dozens of different cultures. Other attractions include the Royal Botanical gardens, and the Haelesville animal sanctuary. The city also has a lot of historical spots, so get your fill!


(picture above from Wikimedia)

Finally, Perth. This city is located in an isolated, yet exceedingly beautiful part of the country. It’s right between the Indian ocean and the start of the Nullarbour Desert. As you can imagine, this breeds all kinds of natural beauty, which comes spilling into the edges of the city. Perth attractions are many, and certainly give you an authentic, wonderful taste of Australia. Get down to Geraldton to try out the great snorkelling, boating and fishing the coast has to offer. Perhaps you’d want to visit the city’s historic Freemantle port. This is brimming with historical intrigue, and has many relics of the country’s first convict settlements. If you want to get away from the noise of the city, then head to the Margaret River. This area is a lovely green patch, full of vineyards, gourmet restaurants and dozens of photo opportunities. If you want your holiday to be an all-rounder, then Perth is definitely a place to consider.

Visit of these gems, and you’ll fall helplessly in love with Australia! Don’t stop after just a taste though. There’s a lot more that this vast and diverse country has to offer.

**This post has been contributed by Beth Jones, travel writer and adventurer.