The Road to Hana is world renowned for being one of the most beautiful and romantic drives. If you travel to Maui, it would be a sin not to drive the Road to Hana. The trick is to survive it!

Last month, I braved the Road to Hana with my PIC (Partner In Crime).  I didn’t necessarily feel romantic as I rode along the 52 miles of narrow roads with 617 sharp, windy, and hairpin curves and 56 bridges. Yes, it was an intense sensory experience for my PIC and I, but only at times romantic.

It was the most spectacular, unpleasant ride I have ever that I had chosen to do. I wasn’t driving so the curves, elevation changes, and sometimes abrupt stops at bridges naturally made me carsick. I kept my cookies down, but barely. My body was hanging on by a thread, enlisting my survival skills of just getting tired and almost sleeping myself out of the misery.

Now mind you, I describe the drive as most spectacular, which it is absolutely lush, beautiful with a waterfall or scenic overlook around every other curve. It is a must do. Don’t shy away from the memorable drive. It’s a definitely worth doing, but here’s a list of Maui travel tips for the Road to Hana, plus pictures to spark you own adventure ride on the Road to Hana.


1) Start early. It can be as quick as six hours roundtrip if you don’t stop, but much more like a ten-twelve hour day if you plan on stopping for pictures, beaching, short hikes to waterfalls, and picnics.


2) Drive or at least ride in the front seat. Take dramamine if you are prone to carsickness. Whatever you do, don’t double-date and pick the backseat. I think it would be cause for divorce, being stuck in the backseat: you and the other girlfriend/wife.

3) Stop frequently to get fresh air. Pack picnic snacks and drinks. There are plenty of vendors and snack shacks along the way with banana bread for sale. On these type of urpy rides, I’m all about the bubbles: soda water, Diet Coke, or even a beer.


4) Don’t miss the Black Sand Beach or Seven Pools. (Black Sand Beach above and Seven Pools below)


5) Stay overnight in Hana so that you  can do the reverse trip the following day. If that isn’t a possibility, take warning of #6.

6) Don’t attempt the continuing one-lane road past Hana unless you have a four-wheel drive vehicle, excellent driving skills, and daylight. Also, pay attention to the weather forecast as rainy conditions can make the road impossible even with the other three essentials.

7) Don’t attempt to do the Road to Hana at get to the airport, dinner reservations, or anything time sensitive. There are plenty of opportunities or hurdles that get in the way of an on-time return to Kihei, Lahaina, or Kahului.

I survived the 52 miles with all of its 617 curves and 556 bridges without using an aloha bag (barf bag). Just be prepared and bring some bubbly drinks, dramamine, and patience.

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Here’s to more good times and good stories.