Only seven days remains before my departure for an almost four week adventure to New Zealand and Australia. It is my first time jumping the Pacific pond and crossing the International Date Line. The first portion of the adventure will be on a cruise of the North and South Islands of New Zealand; however, my time in Australia will be much more independent with a few days in each location instead of only a portion of a day in a port.

I’m looking for travel tips to Australia with a focus on active, adventure travel with cultural tourism: localvore cuisine (local products and chefs), wine and beer tasting, seeing wildlife (kangaroos, koalas, wombats) and learning about the aborigines. Have you traveled to Australia? Could you help make my first trip Down Under amazing and unforgettable? Please look at my destinations and please comment with travel tips to Australia.

What is your verdict on these Aussie destinations?  Can you give me your firsthand tips on what to do AND most certainly what NOT to do too! I always love to receive travel tips from other adventureros/as.


Here’s to more good times and good stories!