Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did earlier this year with Miss Millennia. Enjoy!

I first learned about Heidi Siefkas on and I loved her stories! Miss Millennia Magazine was getting ready for our 2nd travel edition and we scanned the web looking for women to feature.  I looked forward to reading all about her new adventures and was impressed at how many places she’s actually been to! She’s traveled enough for at least two lifetimes and I am inspired to do even more traveling myself.

What inspired you to create your travel blog?

I created my travel blog while I was working for a travel and technology company in 2008. The executive team asked me to start a blog network across various themes. Ms Traveling Pants was one of those blogs. What started out by accident turned from a weekly professional task to an enjoyable hobby and now into one of my true passions and creative outlets. Read more…