Got the back to school blues and need to blow off some steam? Eager to venture into the outdoors with a Minnesota adventure tour? Earlier this summer, just after Kerfoot Canopy Adventures opened in June, I soared over nine zip lines with other adventureros from around the world. It was a thrilling, 3.5 hour, adventure tour from beginning to finale with off-roading on wooded trails to arrive at the start of the zip line course followed by several suspension bridges and more surprises.

If you like adventure travel, need a dose of adrenaline away from the books this Labor Day Weekend, or want to zip above the beautiful fall color change in Minnesota, try living close to the edge with a this zip line adventure tour just outside of Minneapolis in the Minnesota River Valley.

If you need convincing for your weekend warrior trip, family adventure tour, team building event, or just for kicks, here’s a short video highlighting my zip line tour in Minnesota.

Now, wasn’t that just awesome! Regardless if this would be your first time zip lining or you’re a repeat zip liner, Kerfoot Canopy Tours has a fun, experienced team with a safe, course full of zips of various speeds and lengths. Although I started with jitters in my stomach, I got into a rhythm. I wasn’t ready for the end of my zip line tour. I’ll do it again!

Ready to zip, Ms Traveling Pants is about to soar about a ravine along 1,000 ft of line.
Ready to zip, Ms Traveling Pants is about to soar about a ravine along 1,000 ft of line.

Which was my favorite zip? It was the 1,000 ft zip with views of the ravine below and the longest hang-time. This one was not named at the time of my zip line tour. I imagine that it has been named by now, but in my mind it will always be, “Kiloline.” As everyone has a different zip just like travel style, you will have to share with me your favorite zip line at Kerfoot in Henderson, Minnesota.

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