Hi! My name is Ms Traveling Pants.

And, I’m a Vegas repeat offender.

Over the last decade, although living on the East Coast in New England or now in South Florida, I’ve been to Las Vegas several times both for business and pleasure. My trips have included a double bachelorette party and multiple business conferences. However, I’ve made it out without a shotgun, Vegas wedding.

Through these visits of the famous Strip, I’ve taken away a good list of musts for Vegas. I’ve categorized them according to my interests: food, drink, fun, active outdoors, and adventure. Enjoy Ms Traveling Pants’ Viva Las Vegas Countdown!

1. Where to Eat a Meal Worth Writing Home About

As background, I have a very hungry appetite. As many would say, I’m a good Midwestern eater. So, the recommendations are tried out from experience and years of working in and around the hospitality and travel industry. (FYI: My first job was as a dishwasher at the Trempealeau Hotel.)

2. Where to Eat Late Night

After a business after hours, which in Vegas meant until the wee wee hours of the evening, I needed refueling. I asked one of the my go to resources, a taxi driver, for a late night diner. He directed me to the very end of the Strip to the Peppermill Cafe & Lounge. Among other late night or early morning eaters were various police officers and even celebrities. I saw a real Playboy Bunny, Holly Madison, spying like a paparazzi over my everything nachos. Holy guacamole, they are really to die for.

3. Best Buffet in Vegas

Just like everything at the Bellagio, the buffet is grand. Indulge in cuisines from around the world, live stations, and even champagne. It is not the cheapest with a $40 per person price tag; however, I’m over the cheap, all you can eat bad food that Vegas was famous for on my first trips.

4. Best Places for Sun, Pool, & Cabana Boy or Girl

Let’s face it. Las Vegas has great sunny, warm weather; however, it is a desert. As a water lover, I need a dose of it everywhere. Here’s a list of pools to recuperate from all other Sin City activities.

5. Best Drinks with Good Entertainment, People Watching, & View

The suggestions for this section come from my bachelorette trip to Vegas. We thoroughly enjoyed Harrah’s with the live bands and bartenders that remind you of the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail.

6. Best Show in the Entertainment Capital of the World

Hands down I believe that if you go to Vegas you must do a Cirque du Soleil show. On my last visit to Vegas, I took in Zumanity to see the beyond human feats performed by the artists while in a very cabaret, adult style. However, here are other recommendations:

7. Adventure Outside of Sin City

8. Get a Taste of Other Destinations

9. Best Night Sightseeing

10. The last item is up for debate depending on your company, mood, and budget. You tell me from your experiences. If you have places that I have forgotten or even comments on those listed, please join the conversation.

Whether you are coming from the States or perhaps from Europe and need a visum usa-ESTA, there is something for everyone in Vegas. Viva Las Vegas!

Here’s to more good times and good stories.