Sometimes I forget to look right in my backyard for a romantic vacation. In fact, I have been known to travel half-way across the world for a beach, sunset, or mountaintop view. However, a good friend and peer travel writer, Hannah Miles, reminds us all of some of the romantic getaways that are right in the US of A.

Enjoy Hannah’s 3 Surprising Romantic US Destinations!

One of the best ways to travel, of course, is with your partner on a romantic getaway. If you want to do this, there are many classic and well-known destination you can consider, whether inside the US or without. But there are also bound to be a number of lesser-considered destinations in the country which you might never have thought of, and could still provide you with a great opportunity to get away from it all with your loved one and have an amazing time. If you want a romantic getaway in the US, then you might want to look into the following destinations.


Of course, let’s not forget that within the USA you have the glorious islands of Hawaii, and these have to be some of the best places for you to consider taking your other half away for a romantic trip. It is hard to compare and contrast all of the islands here, but if you visit Maui you are unlikely to be disappointed, given its size and the liveliness of the island. What’s more, you can also find many sneaky hideout spots, which can be the perfect way to spend your romantic getaway. If you are looking for somewhere you can both relax and just enjoy spending time together, then Maui could be your best option.


One of the most surprising romantic hotspots across the country resides in Amish Country. Lancaster is a historic and beautiful little town, home to a number of fantastic restaurants and not a few cultural artifacts. The beauty of a destination like this is that it is so quiet and peaceful that you are unlikely to be disturbed, making it a real romantic hotspot for anyone. As for accommodation, there are countless amazing bed and breakfasts in Amish Country, PA for you to choose between, and you will find that it is easy to hide away and just enjoy spending time together. If you choose, you can also go out and explore some of this historic and fascinating area, which can itself be a great romantic trip altogether.


San Diego

For a real classic taste of American during your romantic trip away, why not think about visiting the beautiful city of San Diego? This is a great place to get away from it all, even if only for a weekend, and it’s likely to be one of the most memorable times you spend together as a couple. It embodies the laid-back side of Californian life, and you’ll find it a hearty tonic to the stresses of daily life, so much so that you will probably never want to leave. If food or culture are up your alley, then you will also be unlikely to get bored. Consider San Diego for a romantic getaway with a difference.

If you look, there are always great romantic spots to be found in the USA, so make sure that you find somewhere the two of you can really enjoy together.

**Post contributed by Hannah Miles a freelance travel writer from Portland, Oregon.**