Chicken Shawarma Alexandria VA

Left the Motel 6 in Fayetteville, North Carolina at 9:15 AM after a short run and getting gas at $2.03 a gallon. We started on the road after passing 24 Cracker Barrels. Within miles, we spotted another.

We have passed another 5 in North Carolina before crossing to Virginia and seeing 6 others, 2 in Maryland, none in Delaware, and so far 3 in New Jersey. We are at a total of 40 Cracker Barrels.

Couple of insights or random thoughts:

1) Did you know that in North Carolina they still have smoking sections in restaurants? Unbelievable huh?

2) The Cracker Barrel count is getting high, but I think that return trip in a couple of years will need to be Waffle Houses. I swear they are like a bad penny.

3) I am actually starting to wonder how many fast food restaurants with the Southern theme of chicken and biscuits can service through the Carolinas, Virginia,Maryland, etc. There is Cracker Barrel, Chick-fil-a, BoJangles, Popeye’s and countless others.

Favorite billboards on this stage of the trip:

1)  A Snickers billboard stating, “Pledge Sigma Nougat” instead of Cum Laude or something like that. I guess in my punch drunk state, it was rather funny.

2)  A Jim Beam billboard outside of Baltimore, “Columbus didn’t ask for directions.” In little type, it mentioned, “Guys never change.” After now 20 hours in car with my husband, I was needing a little humor to hit my female funny bone.

We stopped at a wonderful, Mediterranean “Hole in the Wall” restaurant outside of Alexandria and ate Chicken Shawarma with Tahini (see picture above) It certainly beat the other options on the typical roadtrip.  So far it has been the highlight of the culinary trip, as I was recently on a business trip, which means I had buffet after buffet after continental breakfast, which all under perform one’s appetite.


Well, just moments ago, we stopped in New Brunswick, NJ for the evening. We were hoping to make it to Poughkeepsie today, but 4 traffic hiccups in the D.C. and Baltimore area made things interesting. However, I would like to note that 511 is a helpful little tool.