Yes, the Alaska Adventures with Ms Traveling Pants series continues, but only for a few more weeks. Since my arrival, I have uncovered so many Alaskan surprises, adventures, wildlife, hikes, and special memories. So with little time left, I better make the best of it before I return to where I have hung my hat for nearly a decade, South Florida.

So here it goes, Part 9 Soaring Above the Juneau Icefield via Floatplane

Although Juneau and Southeast Alaska is known for its rather wet and cloudy summer weather, recently I lucked out. I scheduled a sightseeing floatplane ride over the Juneau Icefield AND on one of the clearest, most pristine flying days that I have experienced in the last four months. As I know that a picture tells a thousand words, I will let my brief video do the storytelling as I cross the Juneau Icefield and not one, but a handful of glaciers, including the Taku, the Gilkey, the Herbert, and my neighbor, the Mendenhall Glacier. Enjoy!


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