Sitting on the floor of a bare studio apartment in Poughkeepsie, NY, I sit with the windows open to let the recently painted walls dry and fumes escape.  It feels nice to sit on a recently purchased, K-Mart bath mat, especially after driving a car packed with only the bare essentials from Fort Lauderdale to Poughkeepsie.

So many of you may be wondering why am I writing about moving into an apartment?? Well as any traveler knows, when on the road you live out of your backpack or your suitcase.  In the case of moving, you do the same until you get to your new home and then you camp for a few days.

The unpacking begins today.  The futon assembly also awaits.  For those of you that enjoy putting things together, I envy you.  I certainly do not enjoy such things. Directions and attention to details of nuts and bolts is not my strength.  It should be fun!!!

Moving is similar to traveling. Things don’t always turn out perfectly.  So, I thought it would be a great way to reintroduce my quote to live by, “Every occasion in life may be classified as either a good time or a great story.”

As many of my travels over the next few years will be arriving in New York, I wanted to show you the “pad.”