Where in the World is Ms Traveling Pants Video Series makes another appearance. This time it is not at 35,000 feet mid-flight, but celebrating Father’s Day 2009 at the world famous Fort Lauderdale Beach. It was a beautiful day, rather hot at a record breaking 98 degrees. However, as my father enjoys sailing, it was a great opportunity to take a Hobie cat out for a nice spin.

Since much of my childhood was spent on the port or starboard side of a sailboat, I thought it was quite appropriate to celebrate Father’s Day this way. I often joke with my family that instead of a babysitter they bought sailboats, one of which was a Hobie cat.

Regardless, the Hobie cat is one of my favorite boats because it is close to the water and you don’t need much wind to move. Fort Lauderdale, Florida is an ideal place to enjoy a cat. Especially now, when the ocean is almost like bath water.