Who doesn’t like a good road trip? And, there is no better time to road trip than during the summer months! In fact, I have a road trip planned later this summer through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. However, I have never done the world-renowned Route 66. It’s on my bucket list, but everywhere seems to be on my list.  Oh, the woes of someone that got the travel bug at the age of 10! Thus, I asked a peer travel writer and wanderluster, Sacha Johnson, to share with us her travel tips for Route 66.

You are at the controls Sacha! Take it away!

Everything You Need to Travel Route 66 in Style 

Route 66 is perhaps the world’s most famous destination for those who love road trips. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people flock to the stretch of open road. Whether they’re planning on doing the whole jaunt between Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California, or opting for a smaller section of the drive, they have to be well prepared. There are more things to take into account for a successful road trip adventure than simply jumping in the car and setting off. So, if you’re planning on the ultimate trip getting your kicks on Route 66, here are a few things to consider.

Mapping a Route

First things first, you need to plan out how far you’re going to be going and places you want to stop off and see along the way. So get a notepad, pen and a map and mark down exactly which parts of the route you want to drive along. This will then allow you to know how long you’re looking at being away for so you can book adequate time off work and pack sufficient belongings.


Choosing a Vehicle

If you usually drive a little run around, you might want to look into hiring an alternative vehicle for the journey. This will also save you from enhancing wear and tear and clocking up the miles on your own vehicle too. Choose something reliable with sufficient space to fit you, your travel buddies and your luggage in comfort. If you are planning on using your own vehicle or taking a lot of luggage, use a trailer. This will give everyone a little more leg space on the long journey. This will really be appreciated once you’ve set off and have been in the vehicle for a few hours. For extra security, invest in a trailer with an electric brake controller. This will prevent bumps into the back of your vehicle if you have to hit the brakes suddenly.

Practicing Road Safety

Road safety involves so much more than keeping in your lane. This is a long journey and you will need to ensure that you are alert at all times. This means stopping for a coffee or taking a break for a nap if you find yourself feeling tired. If you stop at a truckers bar for drinks, make sure that you have a designated driver who won’t drink to take on the next stretch of the drive. Alternatively, all let your hair down for the night, but stop in a motel and ensure that the driver is completely sober before getting behind the wheel. You should also avoid picking up hitchhikers. It may seem like you are doing a good deed, but at the end of the day, you never truly know who you’re picking up or what they’re capable of.

Once you have your route, your vehicle, and your road trip know-how, all you have to worry about is packing a few clothes and toiletries and getting on the road. Remember to take a camera along to capture the memories and some of the beautiful landscapes that you’re bound to come across.

**Post contributed to by Sacha Johnson, wanderluster and travel writer currently in the Boston, Massachusetts**