For those new to flying or even for those with seasoned wings, flying provides a great canvas for good stories. Last evening was certainly one of those. On a flight from South Florida to New York’s Hudson Valley, I seemingly got the unluckiest draw of seating on a fully booked flight. I drew a middle seat between a middle-aged married couple that disliked each other so much that they requested a window and aisle to strategically have a little more time away from one another. However this positioning didn’t stop them from bickering across my middle seat or passing their homemade snacks and dinner across my small tray table. Since they seemingly ignored the fact that I, Ms Traveling Pants, was seated between them, I took the opportunity to escape the “should be divorced couple” and the middle seat from hell.

I decided to take my energy and creativity to another level. I left my seat and joined or maybe even created the “Mile High Blogger Club.” View the video with commentary from the most special place on any airline (Simply click the play arrow.)

This is one of many videos and commentaries from me. Stay tuned!

Do you care to join the Mile High Blogger Club??