Although I’m originally from Wisconsin, which is in the Midwest, I can’t say that I’m an expert on too much outside of my neck of the woods. That’s why I enlisted the help of a travel writer, Heidi Johnson. Originally she is from Oklahoma, but find herself on the road a lot with freelance work. I know her tips will inspire us to pack out bags for Oklahoma.

Take it away Heidi!

The Midwest of the US may not have been at the top of your travel plans when you were younger; the beaches on the west coast and city life on the east coast may have seemed like more appealing options. However, the state of Oklahoma has plenty to offer the curious traveler, and you’ll soon be packing a stetson and your cowboy boots, before galloping to see what it has to offer. If you’re not the most confident when riding a horse; you’ll have the chance to perfect your skills when you arrive, and there will an array of other transport options, so don’t worry.

If you like the sound of the great outdoors, beautiful natural landscapes, and destinations steeped in pioneer history; you should pop Oklahoma on your travel itinerary and start planning your midwestern adventure now. The 4 million heavy population state is ready to welcome visitors, whether they’re couples, families, or solo travelers, and there’ll be a plethora of things to do that can keep everyone occupied for their getaway. The following are some travel tips, ideas, and inspiration for those who are curious to know what Oklahoma has to offer them, and why they should visit.

A Home Away From Home

Just like anywhere in modern day America; you’ll find a huge selection of options regarding where you can stay in Oklahoma, and your decision will depend on how you prefer to travel. If you want the little luxuries of your bed being made, and a hot shower after a hike around Lake Seminole; hotels like the Best Western Seminole Inn & Suites will be just what you are looking for. The beauty of choosing a hotel on your Oklahoma escape is that you know where your belongings are, you’ll have a comfy place to get a great night’s sleep, and they are usually places easy to find; which is perfect when you feel like you’re out in the wilderness a little. If you’re feeling like you want even more adventure; you could look into camping options or self-catering accommodation.

Scenic Adventures

One of the many draws to the Midwestern state is the seemingly never-ending untouched landscapes and areas of natural beauty. Whether you prefer a little lakeside charm and a spot of fishing, or you want to get on that horse and ride through the open plains; the varied scenic routes will provide plenty of photo opportunities and memories to last a lifetime. All that fresh air will leave you tired, in the best way, so that you can head back to some delicious campfire food, or clean up and get to a restaurant in Oklahoma City. There really is something for everyone.

Historical Intrigue

Speaking of Oklahoma City; it’s home to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, which offers visitors a look into the rich pioneering history of the area. If you’re out in the country, however, you’ll see the history all around you, as it’s easy to imagine what the first visitors and settlers to the area saw too. Oklahoma is a state for the adventurer with just enough city life to keep you entertained and enjoying present-day amenities too.

**Post contributed by Heidi Johnson is a travel writer originally from the Midwest**