With a track record of staying in everything from hostels, hotels, campgrounds, friends’ places, and B&Bs while traveling, I had not yet experienced Airbnb. My latest trip to New Orleans with two other travel companions was a great success not only because NOLA has some of the best food, music, and mixologists, but also a welcoming people; one of which opened his home, a convenient 1 bedroom/1 bathroom, mother-in-law apartment with laundry, parking, full kitchen, and all within walking distance of the French Quarter, Frenchman’s for music (where the musicians below were heading), and hipster Marigny (pictured above).

Musicians Walking in Marigny New OrleansAlthough we explored other options before arriving at Airbnb, I would highly recommend ditching your old habits and travel more like a local with Airbnb. I know I will for future trips. Why? Not only do you get to experience the style of the area through a local home, condo, or apartment, but also in our case given tips on what to do and see while in town through the eyes of your host.

Considering a trip of five days and three people, we did quite well: no spats, no bathroom hogging, no snoring, nor finicky eaters. It certainly helped that the layout was much better than a hotel. We had the flexibility to cook some ourselves, regroup after sightseeing, park without exorbitant fees, and do laundry after a night in the smokey bars of New Orleans.  Coincidentally, the other options of hostels were booked; whereas, the hotel rooms were nearly double what we paid. We definitely scored with our Airbnb find (seen right).Marais Street NewOrleans

I would highly suggest using Airbnb. The process was next to seamless. I felt safe in the reservation process as well as welcomed by the host. Airbnb hit this one out of the park. To join Airbnb to stay or even list your extra accommodations for travelers to your town, click here.

If you have traveled using Airbnb, please share your comments here.

Here’s to more good times and good stories. Stay tuned for posts about food, music, drinks, and must do activities in New Orleans soon.  

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