While we’d like to take our time traveling to all of our destinations, sometimes it’s not in the cards. It wasn’t for my trip to London, England. Not only was I on a work assignment with meetings eating away at my adventuring time, but I was only there for a weekend. Let me share with you how I made the most of it. Yes, I only scratched the surface, but you bet I hit the highlights of London by foot, tube, and rickshaw. Here’s to minding the gap, lots of caffeine, and the expression bloody brilliant!

Top 5 London Travel Tips:

1) First and foremost, just do London, don’t try to do the outskirts, Stonehedge, or other. You can only do what’s within the city. Don’t be fooled. Plan one day for Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster as they are all close. Definitely, do the Eye. Although you may be over the ferris wheel of the county fair and the like, it is a great view of Westminster, the Thames, and a spot for amazing pictures. The other day can be up to you: more sightseeing, shopping, and lounging at a park. For future trips, visit more while revisiting some of your London favs.

2) Stay in a reasonable accommodations so that you can splurge a bit on the great food and theatre. London is a theatre mecca with West End shows (as good or better than Broadway theatre) or more traditional Shakespeare plays at The Globe. Regardless of whether you’re a lover of the classic and uber popular Les Miserables, the trendy show The Book of Mormon, or a Shakespearian fan, there’s always dozens of shows to keep you busy for numerous trips. Here’s a site for cheap London accommodations to help you round out your budget.

3) Bring comfortable walking shoes cause you will walk a lot. Although you should use the tube to get around, the best slow sightseeing is on foot. Typically for fun especially after a dinner and drinks, I love rickshaw rides. If you haven’t done it, try it!

4) Pass through Piccadilly Circus at night. It’s not worth it during the day. Spend more time in Covent Garden for people watching, enjoying all the entertainers, eating well, and shopping a little or a lot.

5) Eat well. Don’t skip out on some of the best international food in the world. If you have been craving Indian, Thai, Mexican, or just good fish and chips, it’s in London. I tell everyone that London is the most international city I’ve ever visited. I’m sure a ride on the tube will give you that impression as well. Here are some suggestions that my peers recommended since my visit: Gordon’s Wine Bar (quaint, oldest wine bar in London), Bailey’s Fish and Chips (for the British staple), and Barrafina (tapas and more tapas).

Have you traveled to London? Please send me your comments about this post and your personal London travel tips. I’d love to hear from fellow adventureros and wanderlusters.

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