It’s a New Year with many adventures to be had! Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to travel more. What about spending more time in nature? Having both of those resolutions for myself, I was speaking with my fellow travel enthusiast, Nikolai, about one of my favorite destinations, Spain. Having visited the Balearic Islands previously, I was wondering if it is possible to strike a balance of partying like a rock star and relaxing in Ibiza’s natural beauty. Nikolai recommends getting the best of both worlds in Ibiza. Check out his recommendations below.

Everyone knows that Ibiza is a totally brilliant place to go for the biggest and best nightclub experiences in the world, but the Mediterranean island stacks up extremely well to the competition in terms of things to do between party sessions. Whether this means you can take the whole family along and let your teenagers loose on the nightlife or you just want to go somewhere that’s got the best of both worlds for your first holiday without the parents, you’ll be able to find Ibiza hotels that get you close to both the serene and lively aspects of Ibiza. Once you’ve found the best spot, you’ll probably already have a good idea of where to go for the best night out, so here are some of the top tourist attractions for when you want to slow the pace down.


While it may look like the city of Atlantis itself, Ibiza’s Atlantis is formed from an old quarry site that has been taken back under the waves. The nearby island of Es Vedra is said to possess a magical aura that has rubbed off on this site to give it the genuine lost-city feel of wonder and awe.

Ses Salines

To the south of Ibiza, the unspoiled natural beauty of Ses Salines (pictured above) waits to be explored. More than 200 species of birds and nearly 180 different kinds of exotic and gorgeous plants call this fantastic nature reserve home. Since 1995 this spot has been recognised as a nature reserve and a world heritage site. Take a look here for a totally different beach experience to the overcrowded and over-noisy built up party beaches.

These are just two of the best places to visit on an island that is teeming with sites rich in natural beauty and there’s tons of peaceful enjoyment to be had to compliment your partying and give you some chill time when you’re feeling worn out.

**Sponsored post written by Nikolai Rudenko, a freelancer in advertising and marketing, who enjoys travel, photography and sharing experiences with friends.