There is something to be said about an island holiday in the Med.  Whether one enjoys sunbathing, water sports, or just drinking cold beer and sangria seaside with great people watching, the Mediterranean islands are magnets for rest and relaxation, if that’s what you desire. However, if blowing off some steam is what you need, there is always a dose of hardcore nightlife in the Balearics as well at all hours. I admit, I speak from experience on both.

Like many others, my travels to Majorca were to escape the city life during the hot summer months on a break from work and school. At the time, I was living in Madrid, which empties considerably during the summer. I happily joined many other travelers looking to recharge away from work, school, and the daily grind to explore Majorca (Mallorca in Spanish). While on holiday, I danced until dawn, camped with the waves putting me to sleep, window shopped at the marina for my future yacht, and skinny-dipped in a secluded cove under the Mediterranean moonlight. It was a true getaway.

As it has been some time since my last trip, I wanted to enlist the help of a travel enthusiast who recently experienced Majorca, Lorena Benchis. She will walk you through her tips on Majorca and Palma Nova.

¡Que lo disfrutes! (I hope you enjoy it!)

Palma Nova, Majorca – A great destination for an easy holiday

All kinds of people go to Palma Nova, Majorca, for their holidays – and it’s easy to see why. This was one of the first purpose-built holiday resorts on the Spanish island of Majorca, and holiday makers have everything they need there for an easy, no-hassle, summer holiday.

Many people haven’t heard of Palma Nova, as it’s got a big and brashy neighbour in the resort of Magaluf. This is a town that draws party goers from all around Europe and beyond and offers a huge choice of clubs and bars.

If you want to be near to the action, but still be able to have a quiet and relaxing holiday, then Palma Nova makes a great location for a holiday, whether you’re in your twenties and with a group of friends, or are looking for a great family holiday location.

One of the biggest attractions to holidays to Palma Nova is the proximity of the three beautiful beaches that link together along the promenade. All the Palma Nova beaches have lifeguard supervision of the water. The lifeguards also offer first aid facilities. You can rent sunbeds and parasols, and you’ll find plenty of water sports activities and boat trips if you want them.

And if you want to head out for some clubbing in the evening, it’s an easy walk along the beach and promenade to get from Palma Nova to Magaluf – or, of course, there are plenty of taxis available.

All in all, Palma Nova offers a great place for people looking for easy access to amenities and beaches. It’s got a lively atmosphere to it, but it’s not as crazy as neighbouring Magaluf, but you’re close enough to dip into the high-octane nightlife of Magaluf as and when you choose.

** Sponsored post written by Lorena Benchis, an amateur photographer who enjoys travelling more than anything else. She aims to present the best travelling tips on Majorca as well as share insight on her other favourite destinations.