Whether you are up for a vacation at a beautiful sandy beach or go skiing on a snowy mountain, Europe has so much more to offer especially in March. This is the month when summer starts, and it is definitely the vacation season. Traveling to Europe will complete your bucket list. You just have to know the best places to visit in Europe, especially in the month of March. To help you complete your location list, here are the top tourist destinations to visit in Europe when you plan to travel in March.


London will always be a part of a traveler’s bucket list. It is one of the most attractive places in Europe. Your visit to Europe will never be complete if you have not visited this magnificent place. This is the city where you get to experience good fashion shops, popular film locations, best hotels, and great scenery rolled into one.

Vatican City

Vatican City is a popular destination for many tourists. For a small city, it receives around 19,000 visitors daily. If you plan to visit this religious city, then it is best to get a tour guide to make sure that you will get around the best areas like St. Peter’s Basilica. Superb private Vatican tours are available for tourists that you can easily book, even before you land in Vatican City.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are such a pleasant place to visit not just in March but also tops Europe for places to visit in February. This place offers breathtaking sceneries that you will never forget. From this awesome destination, you will enjoy pine-scented forests, beautiful volcanoes, sandy beaches, and good food. You will never get enough of this place, as it has tons of activities to offer.


This is among Europe’s most beautiful cities. If you plan to visit Budapest, it’s worth getting a taxi transfer service from Ferihegy International to make your visit more convenient and hassle-free, as the airport is a quite a way out of the city. The taxi service can even help you in locating areas that only those with inside knowledge have, helping make your trip extra special. Budapest will fill your memories with beautiful spots and locations like museums, thermal spas, and other artistic and historic creations. Be sure to tick this off from your bucket list.


Breathtaking canals, romantic sceneries, nature-rich locations, colorful cultural festivities, and so much more are what you can expect when you visit Bruges. There are also sumptuous restaurants available in the city, where they serve great tasting food all the time. Top hotels can also be found in Bruges where you can find your stay very comfortable and relaxing. March can be a busy month in Bruges as there are lots of visitors during this month.

These are just five of the best places to visit in Europe in March. Europe will always capture the hearts of its visitors for its lovely locations and areas to stroll around. It is a place where you, your family or your friends will get a complete treat for a vacation. Europe is a great place with great people, good food, splendid sceneries, and awesome structures. Therefore, it is always a part of people’s bucket list in places to visit.

*Post contributed by Alex Koss, a U.K. travel writer based in Barcelona, Spain.*