Who could use a break from work, school, or just the grind? How about an all-inclusvie holiday to the Canary Islands?

Let’s face it. I scream, you scream, we all scream for a relaxing vacation to Spain’s gorgeous Canary Islands!

Having traveled extensively throughout Spain and its islands, I have to say that Tenerife (featured image) is a wonderful getaway. Get ready for beautiful ocean views from the volcanic island as well as great banana liquor for dessert.

My trip to the Canary Islands is etched in my mind as clear as day; however, it has been awhile since I last visited. That is why, I asked Nikolai, a fellow travel writer, to research this post on all-inclusive breaks to the Canary Islands.

Without further adieu, take it away Nikolai!

All-Inclusive Holidays: Perfect for Half Term

While it may not seem two minutes since your youngsters were back in the classroom, it won’t be long before the October half term is upon you and you’re struggling for things to do to try and keep them occupied. While there are plenty of activities and local attractions to keep them busy, if you have a bit of annual leave owing at work, why not use it to your advantage and head abroad for one of the popular all-inclusive holidays? While some resorts may be a little on the mild side during the autumn months, others provide excellent levels of sunshine for you to revel in, such as the Canary Islands of the coast of North Africa.

With Direct Holidays, you will be able to book your package deal in one fell swoop, and while all-inclusive breaks are traditionally a little more expensive than hotel board alternatives, when you weigh up the additional costs, they can often work out to be great value for money – particularly if you’re travelling with children.

All-inclusive breaks mean just that – everything is included. From the flights, transfers and accommodation to the food, drink, snacks and kids clubs, once you have paid your outstanding bill, you won’t have to worry about a thing. In fact, if you’re planning on heading for a resort complex for the duration of your stay, you may not even have to leave (other than a trip to the beach), meaning that many families get away without spending a penny when they’re there.

Every time your little one spills a drink or drops an ice cream – just grab another one! There’s no need to reach into your pocket or tell your child no more, because everything is included in the price you have paid.

What better way to keep the youngsters occupied during the half term than with a last minute, all-inclusive beach break?

**Sponsored post written by Nikolai Rudenko, a freelancer in advertising and marketing, who enjoys travel, photography and sharing experiences with friends.