New Orleans is a very special place for me. I fell in love with it nearly two decades ago. My first visit was in the early 90’s for a class choir and band field trip via bus from Wisconsin. It opened my eyes to a very rich culture still within my own country. Then as an adult, in 2009, I traveled to NOLA for business. It was after Katrina; so, I was very happy that I was able to further appreciate the town; however, New Orleans for business was too reserved to enjoy properly. It is best to experience Nawlins at a relaxed pace and with a good appetite.

I created a quickie video summary of my impromptu visit to New Orleans from packing in six seconds to great eats, drinks, cruising on the Natchez paddleboat, beads, shoes, and a finale of eating crawdads. I hope you enjoy!

Here’s to more good times and good stories. Stay tuned for more posts about food, music, drinks, and must do activities in New Orleans soon.

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