Every once in awhile, one needs to look at the world from a different perspective. With that said, I have taken that advice to heart and made a celebration, Look Up Day.  Held on the 27th of every month for nearly two years, some priceless perspective has been gained. Traditionally, taking a breath or a long walk may spur perspective, but I have chosen other methods, including: skydivingSCUBA diving, climbing Torres del Paine in Chile, or learning to fly a Cesna.

This past week, I took another look at something I did over twenty years ago in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, as part of Look Up Day.

Here’s my Take 2 on parasailing:

I’d give it two thumbs up! It is one of the best views of the ocean and absolutely peaceful. Unlike most adventurous activities, there were no nerves, jitters, or even a little turbulence during flight. Yes, I did scream, but not for fear, sheer fun. Although, I wasn’t as free as a bird with the harness around my legs and strapped to my PIC (Partner In Crime), it was yet another carefree, epic experience.

In comparison to my first time, where I took off and landed at the beach solo, this time I did a tandem parasail and off the stern of a boat. I guess over the last 20 years, the safety of parasailing has improved tremendously. The crew told us many stories of beach takeoffs and landings gone wrong. I thank my lucky stars that I have walked away thoroughly delighted with an ear to ear grin from both of my experiences.

So before you get bogged down by the little things or have that one last straw break your back, take the time to celebrate either with me  on the 27th for Look Up Day or another day. Through parasailing, diving, traveling, or your own unique way, you will see that those small things, which I refer to as “small potatoes,” are just that little stuff, albeit annoying, stressful, or other.

Here’s to perspective with always a large helping of good times and good stories!