I couldn’t pass up sharing this unforgettable conversation I had in Cuba with you.

After reading it, cock-a-doodle-doo will never sound the same! 

Unplanned, on one of my adventures, I found myself in Cuba on July 26th, one of the most important national holidays, where most have the day off to take part in parades as well as watch televised speeches by political leaders. All around the country in honor of this day, homes and public buildings display a red and black flag with 26 JULIO written in white.

So, it was on July 26th, 2013 that I had the chance to pick the brain of a very famous Cuban artist, Jose Fuster, as he relaxed, in holiday style, drinking a Cristal at his pool outside of Havana.

Artist Jose Fuster and Heidi Siefkas in Jaimanitas, Cuba

I introduced myself and asked his permission to sit beside him on the edge of the pool. After a little chitchat, I got down to business, “What’s the rooster all about? It appears in all of your work as if it’s your signature.”

He laughed and agreed that the rooster was indeed his signature. AND, it was more than just being a coincidence that the rooster and Fuster rhyme.

Wanna know why I will never forget his answer? Read on.

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