As a continuation of my search for the next walkabout destination, I would like to get input from fellow adventureros.  With an insatiable urge to galavant, my wanderlust list of future locations is growing longer each day. Over the next posts, I will present various places, some near and some very far far away. Please help me decide on a location for my next voyage.

Previously, I featured Part 1 with Machu Picchu.

Today, Part 2 of my wanderlust list is Bali.

Nicknamed the Island of the Gods, Bali is one of the most famous islands in Indonesia for travelers searching for surf, sand, SCUBA, meditation, mountain beauty, temples, relaxation, and more. As my passion of all things to do with the ocean, beach, and water-sports is intense, Bali meets or exceeds my interests.

With that said, should I take a journey like “Eat, Pray, Love?” Should I do as Liz Gilbert and enjoy a romantic, mystical, and tropical getaway in Bali?

Do tell. Have you been to this magical island?

If so, please share with me stories and comments on the lush mountains, breathtaking beaches, surfing, temples, food, music, dance, and more. I’m looking for feedback to narrow down my wanderlust list. Help me decide whether the next stamp on my passport will be Bali or elsewhere?

Come on fellow adventureros, convince me to exchange my Honda for a surfboard and bike.

Who’s with me for good times and good stories in Bali?

(By the way, someone will need to teach me how to surf; however, I have the biking down pat.)

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