Over the last year, I’ve checked off many of my bucket list destinations: Colombia, Switzerland, and Yosemite. However, one very special location still remains, Bali. With my eyes set on Bali, I’ve asked a fellow travel enthusiast and writer based in Bali, Alex Mario, to help us with a step by step guide.

Enjoy the tips and your journey to Bali! Take it away Alex!

Traveling to Bali – a Step by Step Guide

The expansion of technology and ease of access to information, travel options and accommodation has meant that the world is becoming a whole lot smaller. Compared to 20 years ago, even the less adventurous of us feel more inclined to travel a little further afield and expand our comfort zones beyond a simple domestic break. This is why paradise islands like Bali have become more accessible and very popular with visitors from all over the world. No matter how far away you live, there are now easy ways to plan your dream holiday. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to plan your trip, with some useful hints and tips along the way.

Travel tickets

Buying airline tickets can sometimes be a bit of a minefield with airlines a plenty and prices ranging from basement bargain to so expensive that would expect the seats to be made of solid gold. There are lots of cost comparison websites that do much of the work for you but sometimes it can be cheaper to go directly with the airline. If you want a completely hassle free option your best bet is to go with a travel agent.


Bali is an island so diverse in its geographical landscape and what it can offer visitors that this first step of selecting the location can be quite daunting! For tourists, the best areas are Nusa Dua, Seminyak or Ubud. For those who plan to stay longer, areas such as Canggu, Jimbaran and Ubud offer options more populated with expats and less touristy. There are of course opportunities to travel around Bali and widen your experiences to see more of this wonderful island.


Now, accommodation is where you don’t really want to go wrong, and some hotel websites can be quite misleading when it comes to their portrayal of quality, comfort or cleanliness. If you plan to stay for a decent length of time in Bali then your best bet is to book somewhere online through airbnb.com or one of the booking websites for the first few days. Then, once you have your bearings you can spend some time on the ground to find your guest house, house or villa directly from Bali where you can view it first hand and negotiate everything yourself. If you are planning your holidays or honeymoon in Bali then you won’t want to waste your days traipsing through the Bali heat trying to find somewhere to stay. If you want to have better odds that the accommodation you select will be as you expect it to be then it is better to go through a reputable travel company. This will alleviate all hassle and stress from the process. You simply tell them what you want and they will sort it out for you. The Seven Holiday is the first tailor made holiday and honeymoon travel company in Bali. They have a network of the best accommodation across the island catering for all budget ranges. You can choose to stay in private villas, boutique hotels, thematic bungalows and even tents! All these high quality options are offered at genuinely affordable prices helping visitors experience the best that Bali has to offer. The Seven Holiday team has years of experience and thousands of satisfied holidaymakers who have happily written heaps of reviews on their Facebook page, Review Centre, Google and other review portals.

Itinerary and activities

Bali is quite unique as a holiday island because the choices of activities and adventures are so vast. It has such a wonderfully diverse landscape, boasting all sorts of different types of beaches, rivers, waterfalls, a volcano and of course crystal clear waters teeming with pristine coral reef. So, whatever your holiday or honeymoon wants and desires, Bali can offer it in spades. The secret to your perfect holiday is to use the right travel agent that is able to provide you with clear and relevant options based on your wishes. The Seven Holiday offers ready to go holiday and honeymoon packages, or they can tailor make your experiences exactly according to what you want to do. What makes the team at The Seven Holiday so special is it’s in depth knowledge of the island and ability to create truly unique experiences. You can choose to visit to a spiritual healer, enjoy a romantic picnic on a hidden cliff or even experience what it is like to be a Bali farmer for a day! Then there are all the amazing activities you can do on the ocean, such as charter a yacht, go fishing, snorkeling, all sorts of watersports and so much more!

Getting around Bali

Getting around Bali can be tricky and it is important to be aware of the traffic challenges and dangers. If you can ride a moped it can be handy for short trips, as long as you wear a helmet and be very alert. Driving in Bali is pretty full on, the traffic can be nuts and although there are rules, they are seldom adhered to. You can often find yourself stopping at a red light (as you should) and being beeped from the driver behind you to keep moving! The Seven Agency drivers know the roads of Bali like the back of their hand, so can guide you around the island avoiding (where possible) the crazy traffic. Your journeys can also be made more interesting with a guide who can share all sorts of fascinating stories about this amazing little island.


Food is usually a big concern for most people visiting a tropical island. Will the food be fresh, safe to eat and will there be enough choice? Valid questions and we can safely say that Bali offers restaurants and menus that suit every pallet. Bali is famous for it’s own delicious and unique dishes and if you like a touch of spice you will be in food heaven! There are also a plethora of cafes and restaurants all around the island that suit most tastes and budgets.

Indonesian surfer Dede Suryana surfing the other islands of Indonesia.
May 2008
(c)Jason Childs 2008

Top Activity

Most people are aware that Bali is famous for it’s superb surf beaches. Thousands of surfers of all levels ride the Bali waves everyday. The best option if you are new to surfing is to get an instructor, as it is difficult to learn by yourself. There are many beach breaks that are safe and good spots to learn such as Canggu, Kuta or Seminyak.

It is possible to arrange the whole of your Bali break yourself, online and through recommendations. However, time is precious and most people prefer to feel secure knowing that their holiday is being organised by an experienced and knowledgeable travel professional. However you choose to organise your special trip, you will be wowed by the beauty and warmth of this fantastic Indonesian island.

**Post contributed by peer travel writer Alex Mario who is based in Bali**