If you have been thinking about working abroad, you need to do your homework. That’s why I asked an expert on how to work in China as a foreigner. Take it away, Tony Chao!

Requirements for foreigners to apply for work permits in China

The application conditions are as follows

(A) The basic conditions of the employer

The foreigner should be employed in a position that has special needs and there is a temporary shortage of suitable candidates in the country and does not violate the relevant state regulations; the wages and salaries paid to the foreigner should not be lower than the local minimum wage standard.

(2) Laws and regulations stipulate that the competent department of the industry should approve the job beforehand, but the approval is required.

(B) Basic conditions of applicants

  1. The applicant should be at least 18 years old, in good health, with no criminal record, with a definite employer in the country, and have the necessary professional skills or knowledge to perform the work.
  2. The work they are engaged in is in line with the needs of China’s economic and social development, and they are professionals in urgent need in China.
  3. If the laws and regulations provide otherwise for foreigners to work in China, the provisions shall apply.

Make sure to have your diploma, and background check authenticated through the China authentication services first.

(C) Foreign High-end Talents (Class A)

Foreign high-end talents refer to scientists, scientific and technological leaders, international entrepreneurs and special talents who meet the needs of China’s economic and social development and the criteria of foreign high-end talents in terms of points. Foreign talents may not be restricted by age, education and work experience. For details, please refer to the classification standards for foreigners working in China (for trial implementation).

(D) Foreign Professionals (Category B)

Foreign professionals are those who meet the requirements of the guiding catalog and positions for foreigners to work in China, are urgently needed for economic and social development, have a bachelor’s degree or above and 2 years or more of relevant working experience, and are not older than 60 years old. For those who are in need, meet the criteria of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, professional and skilled talents, outstanding foreign graduates, foreign professionals who meet the criteria of point system and implement inter-governmental agreement or agreement, the restrictions on age, education or work experience can be relaxed appropriately. For details, please refer to the classification standards for foreigners working in China (for trial implementation). If there are national regulations for professionals and government project personnel, they shall follow the regulations.

(E) Other foreign personnel (Category C)

Other foreigners refer to other foreigners who meet the domestic labor market demand and conform to the national policies. For details, please refer to the Classification Standards for Foreigners Working in China (for trial implementation).

(F) The following conditions shall be approved

  1. fall within the competence of the foreigner work management department
  2. the conditions for foreigners to work in China are met.
  3. The application materials are true, complete and meet the requirements.

(G) The application shall not be approved under any of the following circumstances

  1. the application materials are incomplete
  2. the application materials do not meet the requirements
  3. Application materials false.
  4. The applicant does not meet the conditions for coming to work in China
  5. Other circumstances that make it inappropriate to issue a work permit for foreigners to come to China.

*Post contributed by Tony Chao, a peer travel writer and expert on working in China.*