After just having returned from an adventure in Switzerland with a woman from India, I learned much about the Swiss, but also about my travel companion’s culture. Although I have seen gorgeous pictures of the Taj Mahal, the Himalayas, and the Ganges, I haven’t traveled to India yet. It is certainly on my bucket list. However, I’ve always wondered, can you go to India on a budget?

To give you budget travel tips as well as pique your interests for India, I have asked a fellow writer and budget traveler, Nigel Roberts, to shed a little light on how to travel to India on a budget.

Traveling on a budget – tips for beginners

Traveling on a budget is a very common thing. Luxury traveling is meant only for people who can afford it. However, people with average incomes can also travel the world, but only if they are smart about it. That means they have to think things through and spend as little money as possible. Fortunately, there are several tips that can make traveling on a budget possible. Here are just a few.

Book your flights in advance

That may be an understatement, because booking in advance may mean different things to different people. When I say book in advance, I do not mean two or three months. I am referring to five or six months earlier. By doing so, you may be able to cut a few hundreds of dollars on your plane tickets, which is an excellent start. You can you use that money on something else that you may need.

Book everything you can

When they plan their vacation, people usually think of booking the accommodation only. However, you can book everything you want to do. Do not stop at hotels or motels. Keep going to tours and several activities you want to do. Some sites provide early booking, and not only that, but they also provide a discount at times. It is not much, but 5% from here, and 10% from there can add up in the end.

Take care of the documentation

Documentation is a must when you want to travel. You need to make inquiries and find out what you need. You do not want to get to the border and be sent back, do you? With that in mind, you can acquire some of the documents online. Start with your passport. You can get cheap passport photos online if you like. The company will send them to your house. Saving time is, sometimes, saving money. Also, see if you can get the visa online. For example, you can get an Indian iVisa if you want to go to India. The entire process is online, and you save plenty of money. Not to mention that you no longer have to call in sick from work to stay in line at the consulate.

Pack lightly

We all know that luggage costs money. The lighter you pack, the less money you need to spend. Think about the fact that you do not need your entire wardrobe when you go on vacation, especially if you go somewhere exotic. Just take a few things that you can wash at the hotel. It is not a bother, and you save money on your flight ticket.

Travel in packs

This is optional, but a very good idea for your wallet. When you travel with a group, you share all the expenses. Moreover, you can afford a small apartment at your destination, and those have a kitchen. Thus you can save some money on food as well. Groceries are cheaper than restaurants.

Traveling does not have to be expensive. At the end of the day, it is a matter of choice. You either go on vacation and do not splurge on anything, or you can stay at home. Honestly, the decision is a no-brainer.

*Guest post contributed by writer and budget traveler, Nigel Roberts who is currently in India.