For those of you unfamiliar with Art Basel, it is a modern and contemporary art exhibition that is held annually in Switzerland and for the last 7 years has traveled to Miami. Yesterday was my first time experiencing the event in South Florida despite hearing of the fame and celebrity draw. Only now, can I truly attest that Art Basel is a whirlwind of people watching, perplexing art, and lots of shock value. I spent a half day there and left no better than how I felt after running the 2004 Boston Marathon in 80+ degree weather. It was exhausting.

The majority of the pieces involved not only your visual sense to be engaged, but also the inner being… do I feel about this piece?. It was clear to me that shock value has much to do with this chapter in Art. You must walk by and then revisit many of the gallery exhibits for you to truly understand…..what did I just see? And, what in the hell was the message behind this?

The PJ champagne was flowing from carts zigzagging the halls and many Ferraris and supped up cars were lining the street; however, the overarching message despite the glitz and glam was that Art is to provoke emotion. Whether you enjoy traditional pieces like a portrait photo or canvas work, those positive emotions are not all that can be addressed. Through daily life, emotions such as fear, disgust, sexual freedom, anger, and prejudice are silenced, but not at Art Basel.

It was inspiring. I left feeling that my senses had taken the test. And now, I feel that I have another creative juice running through my veins. It is evident that if you put yourself in an environment so unlimited that you too become unlimited.

It is with theme of no limits that I leave you with….

Art and Travel have so much in common; they allow deep exploration by crossing boundaries whether physical, mental or emotional.

I have been Basel-ed….