On my bucket list is Africa. Granted, I have gone to Morrocco, but I really want to take a deeper dive. I would love to take a safari, see the Pyramids, and chillax afterward. I enlisted the help of a peer travel writer and Africa expert, Sarah Powers. She will highlight three bucket list holiday experiences for you and I both!

Let’s get ready to go to Africa!

Everybody has a different bucket list when it comes to holidays. We add to it and may occasionally subtract as we go through life. If you read about the night life of a certain destination, you may note it down as somewhere you want to experience for yourself.
While watching a show on TV, you might reach for your phone to check IMDB for shooting locations as you’re so struck by the beauty of the scenery.

Certain locations have become fashionable in recent years, such as Costa Rica, Iceland, and Croatia. With that said, there is a whole continent that many of us completely ignore when it comes to bucket lists. Africa doesn’t get the same attention as the aforementioned hot spots, which is a shame. So, in a bid to rectify that, here are a few African trips you should be considering adding to your bucket list…



If you play a game of word association with countries, a lot of the answers will be obvious. Italy will be “romance” or “food”. Brazil will be “soccer” or “beaches”. So what of Tanzania? If you have an answer at the ready, then it’s probably one specific word: Serengeti.

The ideal location for a safari holiday that will live with you forever, the plains of the Serengeti give you a chance to see wildebeest and zebras up close. Even more excitingly, there’s even the chance to see lions and cheetah in their natural habitat. There truly are few more thrilling experiences to be had.



Of course, the adrenaline and adventure of a safari holiday may not be quite your thing. Every once in awhile, we all just want a break where we can relax and let our stresses seep away. If that’s what you’re after, then the Seychelles are hard to beat. Make no mistake, there’s wildlife here too – but nothing much more dramatic than the occasional giant tortoise, along with a few species of rare birds.

In the main, you’ll likely spend most of your holiday on the beaches or buy the pool – both of which the Seychelles has in great quality and quantity.



So, that’s the thrillseekers and the leisure tourists taken care of – but what about the culture vultures?

Africa offers various locations for culture and history, but the real standout is Egypt. For those who want their culture fix, then you’ll be well set with the Sphinx and pyramids to explore.

There’s a lot more to Egypt than just its most famous landmarks. An essential visit is the site of the library of Alexandria. Although the original library was destroyed in 642CE, there’s still a great deal to see in the area. Furthermore, a tribute library opened in 2002, which acts as a museum, as well as being a fine attraction in and of itself. Finally, don’t forget to take a visit to the amazing shopping districts, where you can pick up handmade crafts and trinkets for your friends back home.

So – do you think Africa might tempt you to a visit?

**Guest post contributed by Sarah Powers an adventure lover with over a decade of experience in Africa.**