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Why not backpacking around the world with a start in Africa-ca-ca?

Africa-ca-ca – Why Not?

If you ask me if I have been to Africa, I can honestly say that I have. I have been to Morocco twice, but that’s just one country in a large, mesmerizing continent. In order to fuel our wanderlust about Africa, I have enlisted the expertise of my friend, peer travel writer, and adventurer, Dave Jones, to give us a list of favorite places to backpack in Africa.

Enjoy Dave’s travel tips!

The world of backpacking is full of awe and wonder and worlds away from the humdrum existence you enjoy back home. Escaping to a far-flung destination to immerse yourself within a new culture and to meet interesting, exciting and vibrant new people is an addictive pastime; so much so that you are now considering the brave step of taking a mammoth jaunt across the globe. Taking some time out to feed your soul with scenery, vistas, cuisine and communities can allow you to return home with your wanderlust itch well and truly scratched. But where do you begin? Like with most things, why not begin in Africa?


The home to most things significant to a westernized mind is Egypt. There are the tombs of Tutankhamun, Cleopatra’s Baths, more catacombs than you can shake a stick at, the pyramids and the Sphinx. There’s no better place to start your journey around the globe than in this beautiful country with its melting pot of African, Arabian and Middle Eastern influences. You’ll be sure to get your culture fix alongside more decadent and five-star experiences when staying at a place like the Sharm El Sheikh Marriott Resort where you can test out the spa, have a facial or two and take a dip in the pool. Egypt has it all and is the perfect destination to ease you into your trip across this incredible continent.



You can’t possibly take a trip to Africa without heading to the souk laden destination of Marrakesh in Morocco. On the edge of the Sahara, a large metropolis of market stalls, street food vendors and snake charmers adorn the town. You may find yourself venturing out after dark to try the b’stilla pie of pigeon, almonds and spices. Or maybe you’d prefer a sweet hit with one or two trebakia sesame seed and honey cookies – the perfect moreish and carby snack to keep your energy levels high. One morning you could find yourself gazing at the perfect vista of the Bahia Palace, the next you might be chatting to a guru who has been charming his snakes non-stop for the past twenty years. Morocco is a great spot to have fun and unwind a little.



For the wildlife-loving traveler, there is no better place to go than the Masai Mara in Kenya. You’ll be able to spend your days venturing out into the park to spy giraffes, elephants and prides of lions. If you’re lucky, you’ll manage to observe animals drinking at their watering holes, finding shade under a tree or even partaking in a spot of stalking. At night, you’ll head back to your camp, discuss the day’s adventures with your fellow travelers and sleep beneath the stars. You may even be able to volunteer your services to a conservation effort or help out with the administration tasks needed to keep the reserve functioning.

Africa is a continent of contrasting countries, cultures, vistas and people. Start your trip around the globe here and enjoy the spectacles that Africa will present to you.

**Post contributed by peer travel writer and adventurer, Dave Jones.**