If you are looking for your next adventure, you’ve got to read this! I asked my peer adventure lover, Arin Miller, to share her expertise on road trips.

Enjoy Arin’s reasons why everyone, including you, should take at least one big road trip!

When it comes to road trips, we often fall into one of two camps. Some of us drive everywhere. We take road trips around our own countries, we take our cars with us when we travel abroad, and we drive even the longest of trips. The drive is as much a part of our holidays as the destination, and we look forward to our next big road trip.

Other people never drive further than work and only ever drive around their hometowns. They fly to destinations in the same country and even hire other cars at their destination if they plan on driving while they are away.

Whichever camp you fall into, you should take at least one great road trip in your life. A trip where the journey is the most crucial part. Perhaps even one where you hit the road with no clear path or destination in mind. Where it’s all about the road trip itself. Here’s why everyone should take at least one big road trip in their life.

To Get to Know Your Closest Friends and Family

We don’t take road trips with colleagues or acquaintances. We only travel in this way with people that we are very close to. But, with busy lives and constant commitments, we often spend little time actually chatting and connecting with even our best friends. Go on a road trip with them, without distraction or commitment, and you’ll get to know them much better. You’ll see a new side of each other and enjoy merely spending time together. This will also always be something that you’ve shared and have in common. It will forever bind you.

To Be Offline

How many times have you checked your phone today? We’re addicted. They rule our lives. We spend vast parts of our days online. It’s stressful, and not always good for you. Sure, better signal and mobile internet mean that you can still spend time online while on your road trip. But, you won’t. You’ll be too busy seeing the sights, and your signal will be too unreliable for you to be dependent on your phone. You’ll have to learn to be without it.

To Be Free

In life, we’re tied to a schedule. When you travel on public transport even on holiday, you are tied to times and tickets. In your car, you are free and dependent only on yourself and your travel companions. Pack essential tools and things like a brake bleeding kit and you’ll be able to look after yourself no matter what. You can go where you want when you want. You’ll be totally free and independent, perhaps for the first time.

To See More

There’s so much of the world out there to see. And we miss it. We miss what’s right in front of us every day. Get out there in a car, and you’ll see more. You’ll see the bits of towns and cities that locals see. You’ll see the bits that aren’t glossed over for tourists or polished up. You’ll see what is real and alive.

**Post contributed by peer adventure lover, Arin Miller. She is currently based in London. Arin’s next destination is unknown.**