Ahhh…I’m back from my 26th trip to Cuba and nearly six months of tremendous travels from Kauai, Colombia, and multiple trips to Cuba. Although while on the road, I do miss my coffee mug, pillow, and more, I continue to keep travel as a part of my life.


It’s simple. It challenges me. Plus, it is the best way to shift my perspective.

I know I’m not alone in this. That’s why I’ve asked my peer, travel writer, Sandi to second my opinion.

Take it away Sandi! The world’s your oyster!

There are some pretty cool things that you can do whilst travelling around the world, and these don’t have to include throwing yourself out of a plane or diving with animals that could eat you whole (although if you want to do these things, go for it). While many people think that travelling is something that you do when you don’t really have any perception of what you want to do with the rest of your life, or a hiatus from a career, the truth of it is that it can be anything but; it can set you on the path to something that you want to do forever.

Take what you enjoy and make something of it…

No matter how limited your travelling experience is, there is bound to be something that you have done and absolutely fallen in love with. If you’ve been travelling around North America and enjoyed your time on the slopes and want to expand on what you’ve learned, there are Canadian Ski Instructor Courses that you can indulge in to get you on your way to becoming a qualified professional. Not only will this serve as another tie to your bow, but you will be able to put into practise something that you absolutely love, in a place that you want to do it. It’s not limited to Canada, of course – there are ski instructor courses all over the world wherever people ski. It means that you’ll be able to go to any of these places and have the means to be able to get a job and earn some money on your travels.

Make use of what you’ve learned… 

Different cultures and countries provide different cuisines – it’s one of the best things about this world. Tastes and experiences through food are the things that will never, ever go out of style or need; people will always need feeding, and as long as you have the skills to be able to provide them with good quality snacks and dinners then you will always be in a job. There are courses that you can pick up wherever you travel, but just watching locals and getting tips and experience from them as to what spices and ingredients they add to their dishes is just as good as anything you’d pay for.

Don’t expect any money…

Jobs want experience. You don’t necessarily have to pay for the experience that you get, nor do you have to expect to be paid; volunteering across the globe is becoming increasingly popular, and you can gain new insights and skills through offering your time to those who need it. There are different volunteer programs which are available online, and you can essentially pick and choose what you want to do to be able to further yourself – whether this is for personal reasons or a career move. It can be especially relatable to those who are wanting to work with charities, children or animals once they’ve decided to return home … if you ever do.

**Post contributed by Sandi Frost originally from the U.K., but now calls the road her home.