Ok, we have all done it, the typical getaway with a roundtrip ticket, airport transfer, and hotel. Perhaps you have done this scenario more times than you can remember. However, have you thought about changing up your travel routine? Just like at the gym when you do a different exercise or variation of it, you find muscles you never knew existed. Well, when you travel differently, perhaps using a different mode of transportation and/or accommodation you will see the destination differently. Before planning your next vacation the same ole way, I encourage to add a bit more adventure by following these tips by my friend and peer writer, Megan Haase.

Vacations Don’t Always Have to Involve a Plane and Hotel

When you think of a holiday, what goes on in your mind? Do you think of trying to snatch up plane tickets to your chosen destination, struggling through airport security and then sitting on a long and boring flight? Most people do.

However, holidays are a lot more than just the plain and boring all-inclusive holiday packages that we see on television. Holidays are all about experiencing new things, relaxing your body and mind and soaking in the culture of a destination that you don’t know much about. With that in mind, you don’t always have to hop on a plane and you don’t always have to sleep in a fancy hotel.

The way you travel has a huge impact on your holiday

The most common way to travel for a holiday is via plane, but there are several different ways to travel that people don’t typically think about.

Instead of a plane, you could take a train. If you’re only going to a local destination, such as someplace on the other side of the country or on your continent, then you can probably take the scenic route and go via a train. This is usually cheaper, more spacious and comes with the same, if not better, amenities that a plane journey has. You can have your meals on the train, there are toilets, comfortable seating and even the opportunity to sleep in your cabin if you pick an overnight train. To make it even more attractive, trains usually take routes that go through cities and landscapes that are worth staring at as opposed to the clouds and mountains you can barely see when you’re on a plane.

You could also take a cruise instead. There are many companies, such as Galapagos cruises, that offer all-inclusive holiday packages aboard their luxury liners. Although you won’t get to see much of a country (unless you decide to stop off at a location and end your journey there) there are still plenty of amenities to make your cruise comfortable, there are places to shop at and a lot of luxury meals to dig into.

Your accommodation will determine what you experience

Many people pick to stay in a hotel when they travel abroad because it’s the simplest way to get a bed and a room. It comes with most of the typical amenities that you need, there might be some extras such as a breakfast location or restaurant, and it’s usually close to all the tourist destinations. However, if you do a bit of searching and manage to find a hostel then you might be in for a treat.

Hostels are frequented by travellers with amazing stories to tell and they’re situated close to local destinations such as places to eat and things to do instead of the tourist destinations. This means you’re more likely to experience life from the eyes of a local instead of a tourist. This will help you soak in the culture of a country much faster and you’ll appreciate the local spots that are both cheaper and usually more fulfilling.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you a bit of inspiration on what direction to take your next holiday. Whether you’re travelling with a baby or simply want a lower-cost trip, these tips will help you explore the world and soak in more of the earth’s culture and beauty.

**Post contributed by Megan Haase a writer and wanderer, currently based in the U.K.