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I’m not a newbie to camping, but I was a virgin once. As I know we all go through the first time, I asked another adventure lover, Kat Davis, to highlight three camping mistakes that you shouldn’t make on your first time.

Get ready campers! Take it away Kat!

If it’s your first time going out camping, then you want to make it the most fun and invigorating experience you can have. You want to explore nature without getting too hung up on whether you’re really living the “wild” experience that expert campers seem to go after. However, many first-time campers dive in a little too deep on their first trip without really having educated themselves on what it takes to really spend time out there and might make the following mistakes that can spoil the whole vacation.

Not researching where you’re going

Campsites aren’t all the same. If you don’t do your research, you’re going to find that out the hard way. First of all, choosing a campsite with the help of tips like The Hiking Life provides shows that there are a lot of different amenities available at different sites. Some people prefer having hot food and showers on offer while others prefer going without. However, you need to be aware of some of the risks in choosing where you camp, too. Camping too close to rivers, for instance, can result in very dangerous night times around the campsite. Setting up your tent on flat down or downhills can also make your risk of flooding the tent much, much higher. Most important, make sure you know of any hazards near your campsite, whether it’s something like a hidden ravine or some potentially dangerous wildlife you should avoid.

Camping_Axe_Ms_Traveling_PantsRoughing it too much

If it’s your first time out there and you’re not with someone who knows what they’re doing, then it pays to bring a little more convenience with you. First of all, think about the food you’re making. Before you start cooking over a campfire, make sure you have a meat thermometer. Otherwise, bring a proper camping stove with you or get containers from places like Thermo Boutique and prepare your food somewhere a little more civilized so you can enjoy a warm, well-protected lunch out in the wild. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting plenty of bedding, as well. If you don’t invest in a little comfort, you will find that the tent can be a particularly difficult place to get some sleep. You don’t want exhaustion ruining your first camping experience.

Landscape_Camping_Image_Ms_Traveling_PantsGetting bored

Yes, nature is beautiful, and there might plenty of hiking trails, fishing spots, and wildlife spotting opportunities to take advantage of. But you are not going to be doing that 24/7. You have to prepare for how you’re going to keep yourself entertained on your downtime. Choosing great company is all well and good. However, for when that’s not doing the trick or they don’t feel like talking or goofing around, entertain yourself. Bring your smartphone on your travels with you and make sure you have a portable charger for it as well as plenty of apps. A good nighttime rear is never a bad idea, either.

If you find that you like your first taste of camping, then you can start thinking about getting a little more out there and a little bolder. Just make sure that you have a taste of the wild within reason before you go full cavewoman (or caveman).

**Collaboative post by adventure lover, Kat Davis**