Hey there adventurers!

You know I love travel: adventure travel, culinary travel, active travel, and also single or solo travel.

That’s why when my fellow peer travel writer, Maxwell Shanti, approached me about writing a singles traveler article, I jumped at the opportunity.  I have to admit some of my best stories that have now turned into books are from solo adventures (Patagonia and With New Eyes). In fact, as I await a plane to Cuba, I remember my first time checking out the forbidden island of the Caribbean solo or as they say in Spanish sola.

So without further adieu, let’s learn from another single travel aficionado. Take it away Maxwell.

With the summer season quickly approaching, many people are thinking about planning a getaway. Whether it is a day trip, a weekend journey, or a long-term holiday, loads of individuals will be hitting the globe. Yet vacations are not just for groups and couples. In fact, the benefits of being a single traveler abound! From less pressure on your wallet and your mindset, to a more organic and freeform exploration, you can totally have a blast all by yourself. Plus, the great thing about traveling is that you can meet people from all walks of life. A new friendship, destination, and personal experience is just a car, train, boat, or plane ride away.

Stress Less

First of all, it is no secret that excursions and trips require some number crunching. It can be extremely overwhelming and defeating to calculate just how much that longed-for cruise or trek will cost you. Now just imagine how much more stress you would feel if you had a partner or family to tack on to the total price of the journey. Depending on where you go, the costs could be astronomically high, so it is actually a silver lining in the clouds if you end up going on a trip by yourself. Just think about how much money you can save on dining out, taking tours, and booking a nice hotel room. More luxury and relaxation for you!

Focus on Freedom

Piggybacking off of that last point, when you are a single traveler, you get to be one hundred percent in charge of your trip. You decide on the destination, how you get there, where you stay, and all of the fun activities and adventures you have along the way. When planning a trip with a group of people, or even just one other individual, there can be some sticking points in planning the agenda. Well, as the solo pilot of your excursion, you have the final say. Want to finally try bungee jumping, go snorkeling with dolphins, or see that Broadway musical? Done.

Explore More Opportunities

Finally, you will soon discover that there are loads of options and discounts for those who choose to travel alone. Besides not being tied down by your partner or friends, you can satiate all of your needs and wants. Furthermore, there are actually a lot of great deals that travel agencies, flight companies, and vacation resorts offer to a single traveler. It might seem like it could be a bummer to go it alone, but when you consider that you can snag awesome discounts on food, lodging, and resort and tour packages, your attitude and perspective are bound to change.

You’re Not Totally Alone

Finally, remember that you are not the only one on a solo adventure. There is a variety of singles vacation packages that aim to bring individuals together in a fun and exciting way. Explore a new hobby or activity with someone who have never met before, and you could end up with a new friend or relationship. You’ve got nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for?

**Post contributed by Maxwell Shanti, peer travel writer and solo traveler.