Didn’t you like those choose your own adventure books when you were a kid? I certainly did. Don’t you wish you could travel that way?

Now with a little help from my first-hand experience, you can start choosing your own adventure in Minneapolis. I’ve created a quick video highlighting some of the outdoor adventure travel options in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is just a sneak peek, intended to whet your palates into creating your own choose your own adventure trip to Minneapolis and its outdoor adventure mecca.

If you like kayaking, zip lining, biking, segwaying, and other outdoor adventure activities, Minneapolis, the City by Nature, is bursting with options for you and other adventure and cultural travel seekers. Check out my video, of course with music by one of Minneapolis’ stars, the artist formerly known as Prince.

If you liked this little taste of Minneapolis’ outdoor adventure travel offerings, a series of articles explaining in detail on how to get there, how to prepare, which tours to take, and how to get the most out of your time in Minneapolis, Minnesota will be coming shortly this summer.

Thanks to MeetMinneapolis, Above the Falls Sports, Kerfoot Canopy Tours, Human on a Stick, and all that helped guide me through a quick, yet jam packed outdoor adventure travel itinerary through Minneapolis.

Have you been to Minneapolis? What is your verdict? Please share your comments. And, as always, stay up-to-date on more stories from Minneapolis, Kauai, Cuba, and other destinations by connecting with me on FacebookTwitter, Google+, and YouTube.

Here’s to more good times and good stories.