I have asked many why they love to travel? Many say that because it is different than the norm. There is a relaxing schedule vs your regular at home routine. You have the opportunity to see things of interest while meeting new people from different cultures. Plus, there are all types of distinct aromas, flavors, and sounds. Personally, I love to travel. I’m on the road at least half of the year. On my adventures, I have traveled solo as well as in groups. In fact, I have led group travels around the globe for the last five years in Cuba, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Peru, and more. However, I wanted to give you another point of view from a traveler and peer travel writer that I respect, Shannon who is currently in Switzerland.

Enjoy Shannon’s take on whether to travel as a lone wolf or rolling with a party!

A lot of people love to travel. Getting to see the world and explore new places is one of the greatest gifts the modern world has given. Of course, it’s not all fun, though. When you’re planning your travels, you have some serious decisions to make. These choices will mold the way that your holiday goes. And, so, you need to make them carefully. The decision to travel alone or with a group is one that a lot of people struggle with. To help you out, this post will be going through both of these methods. Now, you just have to make a choice.

A lot of people find that traveling with a group is their first port of call. This method of travel is arguably much safer than going it alone. You have people to watch and protect you. And, you’re a much harder target. Of course, traveling as a group provides more than just security. It also enables you to discuss the things you do and see with other people. This will help you to avoid getting bored on your travels. Likewise, having people to talk to when you’re moving from place to place will make the whole experience much more pleasant. Finally, traveling as a group will also give you the chance to pool together for travel and accommodation costs. In a lot of places, this will make the whole trip much cheaper. Of course, there are benefits to going it alone, too.

Being able to explore on your own terms is one of the nicest ways to travel. It gives you the chance to see everything you want to see, without wasting time on things you don’t care about. Often, when traveling with a group, people will have conflicting ideas about the things they want to see. Along with this, you’ll always be able to move at your own speed. A lot of people like to spend time looking at everything they can. But, others would rather talk to the people in the places they visit. On your own, you won’t have to wait for anything. It’s surprising how many solo travel deals can be found online. This sort of package will give you the chance to see an entire city by yourself. This is the best way to find savings from when you’re traveling alone. And, it takes care of all of the little details for you.


It’s impossible to say which of these options is best. For some, the idea of getting some alone time will be perfect. But, for others, traveling alone will be painfully boring. Some people argue that you should try both methods at least once. This gives you the chance to enjoy exploring with friends. And, it gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself with the difficulties of traveling alone. When moving around by yourself, you should always be aware of security. Don’t travel to dangerous places. And, always make sure someone knows where you are.

Hopefully, this will give you a good understanding of these different ways to travel. A lot of people are reluctant to try traveling alone. But, this sort of experience can be very rewarding. Ultimately, you should do whatever makes you feel happy, though.

**Post contributed by Shannon, a travel writer from the United States, but is currently advetnuring in Switzerland**