At the turn of this year, I wanted a change of pace, a taste of adventure, and a warm winter getaway. I started looking at tropical islands close to home. However, I was searching for something new. I had already kayaked in Puerto Rico, sunbathed in Punta Cana in DR and Negril, Jamaica, as well as sailed in the Abacos. In surveying the map, my eyes kept returning to the same island, Cuba. It’s no wonder why I gravitated towards Cuba given its size in comparison to the majority of the other islands, but also, it was a forbidden fruit.

My Journey to Cuba video below should whet your palate for more good times and good stories that will share in upcoming posts. Enjoy (Disfruta)!

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Here’s to more good times and good stories!

Join Ms Traveling Pants on her journey to Cuba. She will take you on a tour through Havana, Las Terrazas, and Varadero Beach. To view and read about more good times and good stories from Ms Traveling Pants in Cuba and around the world, visit