When I travel a lot, my lifestyle changes. I don’t sleep as much. I certainly can’t go to the gym as much. Plus, I typically ditch the diet. That’s why I asked a peer travel writer, Aimee Neilson, to share with us how she looks after her body when on the road, especially in hot destinations.

Enjoy How to Look After Your Body Better When Traveling in Hot Destinations!

When the time comes for you to get away from your everyday life and enjoy some sun, sea, and sand, you might not spend much time thinking about your body or how it’s being impacted by the hot destination you’re visiting. That’s something that you should think again about though because it’s certainly in your best interests if you take steps to look after your body better when traveling.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to spend a week sitting by the pool or backpacking around a continent. What matters is that you’re looking after yourself properly and protecting your body from the heat and sun, both of which can be highly damaging for you if you don’t mitigate their impact properly.

Keep Your Lips Hydrated

You can find lip balms that have SPF factors of around 15, and these are really important if you want to keep your lips healthy and protected when you’re in a hot location. Many people forget the importance of taking care of their lips, so try not to fall into this trap if you can help it. You will be much healthier and feel much better about yourself if you manage to keep your lips in good shape throughout the trip.

Eat Foods Containing Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatories

Foods that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are good for your skin, and that’s why you should try to consume more of them when you find yourself in a hot destination. These things are key because they will also help you to fend off any sunburn issues that you might be having. They’ll limit any inflammation you experience and make sure that your body can recover faster.

Carry Hand Sanitizer With You

When you’re traveling, you also need to think about sanitation. This is one of those things that so often gets ignored. But if you’re in busy places and there are lots of people and germs around, you need to cleanse your hands regularly. If you don’t do this, you will be exposed to all kinds of bacteria, and some of it could make you sick, especially because you’re in a foreign location where your body isn’t used to the local germs.

Use a Natural Shampoo and Wash Your Hair Daily

Your hair can really suffer when it’s warm or humid, and you should probably try to wash it a little more often than you normally would. Washing it daily is definitely advised because it can tacky and not feel too nice if you leave it much longer than that. You should also avoid chemical-heavy shampoos and instead find one that’s completely natural.

Pay More Attention to Your Skin 

Your skin can take the impact of your traveling if you’re not careful and that’s what you want to avoid. These 6 Remedies For Sun Damaged Skin might help you out if you do end up spending too much time in the sun. But ideally, you should start looking after your skin before it gets to that stage. Make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen and keep your skin washed and hydrated to avoid any dryness or other problems that might occur.

Take Time to Cool Off With a Face Mist

Another great thing you can do for your skin is keep it cool when the heat is really taking its toll. You don’t want to be overheating, so keep your body temperature down by carrying a face mist product with you. This allows you to simply spray a little cold water on your face whenever the heat is getting too much for you. It can really make a difference and make you feel much more comfortable in the heat.

Put Your Sunglasses On

Sunglasses aren’t just there to complete your outfit or to make you look cool. They also serve a proper purpose for your eyes, and they definitely shouldn’t be ignored when you’re traveling in a hot destination. If you’re walking around with the sun in your face a lot, you run the risk of damaging your eyes, but that can be avoided by simply putting on your sunglasses. It’s such a simple thing yet makes such a big difference.

Hot destinations can quickly take their toll on your body if you’re not careful, so be sure to think about this if you’re going to be traveling anytime sooner. If you look after your body in the hot weather, you’ll feel healthier and generally get more out of your travel plans, so it really is worth it.

**Post contributed by Aimee Neilson, a British travel writer who is currently in the Caribbean.**