When you’re enjoying the vacation of a lifetime, the last thing you expect is for your adventures to be cut short because you’ve fallen ill, you’ve gotten injured or you’re sick. Sometimes, no matter how cautious you are, things go wrong and it may cost you your holiday and if you’re seriously injured, or your financial security if you can no longer work – check out www.pintas.com for more information.

Knowing what you should do next if you’re injured or hurt abroad is crucial. You may not ever need to use the following information, but it’s always better to be prepared. Read on for what you should do next.

If you’ve been in a car accident

Being in a car accident is frightening enough. But when you’re thousands of miles from home? What a nightmare. The first thing you should do is to make sure that everyone involved is ok. If anyone needs medical attention then you should ensure that the emergency services are called.

Speak with the police

Getting the police involved is imperative. Not only will they be able to conduct an investigation but there’ll also be an official report. So the event will be officially documented. This report is vital when dealing with insurance and a personal injury lawyer.

Take photos/videos

Take plenty of photographs of the scene of the accident and document your injuries if any. All of this can be used when claiming through insurance or dealing with your rental company.

Be prepared

Being prepared is always the best option. Make sure you’re aware of medical providers in the area and have copies of your medical records on your phone, have your ID and a copy of your passport on you at all times. It’s also a good idea to get the number of your embassy, just in case you find yourself in real trouble.

What if I become ill?

Feeling a little queasy? Falling ill on holiday isn’t what you were expecting. However, it’s important that you self-isolate to avoid passing on the illness to anyone else, stay hydrated and seek medical attention if your condition worsens. Speak with the hotel staff, who may be able to help keep you comfortable or find your medical assistance.

Don’t jeopardise your health

Getting sick or injured on holiday is a huge inconvenience. However, it’s always worth getting yourself checked out. Never jeopardise your health for the sake of your holiday.

**Post contributed by U.K. travel writer and blogger, Julia Evans**