One of the most beautiful places on the island of Kauai, which I have called home for nearly two years, is Waimea Canyon. Nicknamed as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, it is spectacular with similar hues to its earth tones as the Grand Canyon, but it does stand out. The Grand Canyon doesn’t have views of the NaPali Coast and the Pacific Ocean. To view Waimea Canyon, you can drive, hike, fly in a helicopter tour, or bike. I had done all of the above before; so, this year, I decided to do a different adventure, biking Waimea Canyon.

As the ride is 18 miles, I have condensed it into a quickie video for your enjoyment.

Doesn’t that look fun? It certainly was FUN!

Although I did this independently, there are outfitters on the island that do Waimea Canyon Bicycle Tours. If you are interested in doing this too, check out Outfitters Kauai.

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