As a continuation of my Alaskan Adventures series this summer, I wanted to share with you a little that I have learned after completing my first 3 weeks here. In order to frame Part 2, you must know that there are no roads in or out of Juneau. It is the most geographically secluded state capital, the only one that cannot be reached by car.  Believe it or not, everything gets here either by airplane or boat. (*As a side note, I have heard some local barflies say that there is a third way, by birth canal. Ha Ha.)

What is also interesting is that there are only about 45 miles of roads in Juneau; whereas, there are over 250 miles of hiking trails in and around Juneau. So in melding well with my summer decision to limit myself to self transport for daily means of getting around, I can bike, walk, run, and hike a large portion of those nearly 300 miles for many adventures. Over the past weeks, I have had absolutely spectacular hikes over varied terrain: snow covered glacier trails, wooden plank trails over wet Muskeg, old mining trails, and granite cliff trails. As I know a picture speaks louder than words and a video speaks louder than one image and to more senses, let me take you on a quick tour of my most recent hikes throughout Juneau, including Perseverance Trail, John Muir Cabin Trail, Mendenhall Glacier Caves, and Dan Moller Trail.


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Here’s to more good times and good stories.