Unveiling Look Up Day – The 27th of Every Month

The 27th of every month, Look Up Day, is to commemorate a special day & lesson that I would like to share with my friends, family, & others. It embodies the importance of life, health, & nature from an accident on 9/27/09 that changed my life.

The brainstorming for a name began
one month ago. People from around the world came out of the woodwork with OVER 50 possible names. The names range from song lyrics to translations to just plain silly.

Of all of the names and possibilities, WHY DID I CHOOSE LOOK UP DAY? Its double entendre.

To share, I have created a short video.




  1. Tammy says:

    Heidi this is really great! Your positive energy is so great!

  2. This is definitely a worth reading piece. There are tons of blogs that simply make no sense. Please keep up the good work and more people will keep going back.

  3. Rux says:

    Heidi, look up would be also for finding God, the Way of Life! I like your choice! Look up for the best which is coming!

  4. Im not going to say what everybody else has already said, but I do wish to comment on your know-how in the topic. Youre actually well-informed. I cant feel how very much of this I just wasnt mindful of. Thank you for bringing more info to this topic for me. Im really grateful and definitely impressed.

  5. Peter S Chung says:


    I like this alot. Having one day of the month is a great way to keep us all aware of all the blesssings that we have. At times life can be like a big run on sentence with no pauses to reflect on how lucky we truely are. I will use this day as a reminder of the good and pass this on to others. Glad you are here.



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  7. […] different perspective. With that said, I have taken that advice to heart and made a celebration, Look Up Day.  Held on the 27th of every month for nearly two years, some priceless perspective has been […]

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    Here’s to looking up!