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The aina (land) of Kauai is ideal for growing. Although the common nickname of the island is the Garden Isle, I describe Kauai to be nature on steroids because of its natural grandeur and the sheer amount of quick growing, thick, lush plants of all shapes and sizes.

With such epic conditions for growing as well as the expense of shipping produce across the high seas, it is no wonder why farmer’s markets or Sunshine Markets are very popular in Kauai. With neighborhood markets almost every day as well as fruit, juice, and shave ice stands scattered across the island, there should no excuse for not visiting one or many on your adventure to Kauai.

With opportunities daily to get your Vitamin C, check out these Sunshine Markets in Kauai, but come early and bring your own bags.

To read full article by Ms Traveling Pants (aka Heidi Siefkas) and get the local Sunshine Market schedule in Kauai, click here…

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