A Cuba Travel Guide for Independent Women on Women on the Road

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Author and Adventurer Heidi Siefkas in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Whether you are a lover of art and music, a classic car buff, or a novice to the seductive rum libations and cigars of Cuba, you are in for a treat.

Cuba is an experience for all your senses.

From the beautiful, vibrant colors in contrast with old, dilapidated structures to classical ballet mixed with sexy salsa and aromas of traditional mojitos, pork, and moros (beans and rice) along side ooey gooey Cuban street pizza, Cuba is amazing. Now is the time to visit as Cuba is in a special time of transformation.

Favorite places and spaces in Cuba

Over the last five years and two dozen trips to Cuba, I have witnessed changes poco a poco, little by little. In the coming year, expect increased cruise traffic and more travelers from around the world, including the United States. It’s the perfect time for you to go.

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